internet friends

by niiice.

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intro 00:53
trademarked 02:22
i’m running late again i’m sorry i set alarms but i wake up and turn em off not trying to blow you off i’m sorry i’m not a bad person, just bad at replying i know i need to be better maybe i should complaining so much no one cares at all and that’s fine for me, and i know you won’t object to me not talking don’t call me, i’m staying in today i’m gonna watch tv and tell everyone i’m not home and if i ever go outside again i’ll text every one of my friends, i’ll never be sober again, and I’ll make sure you never feel alone
my best friends are acronyms and my back hurts really bad i could go forever, but i don’t think i could start again sometimes i feel like i’m wasting my life sometimes when i wake up i can’t get up so i pack a bowl and fall asleep lighter in hand i hope i never wake up i wanna sleep forever where were you when the roof fell thru? you’re not some stupid kid keep those checks away from me they’re spent on stupid shit sometimes i feel like all my friends hate me sometimes when i wake up i can’t get up so i pack a bowl and fall asleep lighter in hand i hope i never wake up i wanna sleep forever everybody’s scary when i’m high everybody’s scary idk why everybody’s scary when i’m high that’s why i’m smoking alone
interlude 00:59
ruff n' tuff 03:04
when i wake up i’m already thinking about tomorrow and how i can fuck it up so i stay in bed, and call in sick to work i’m not thinking about anything, am i even alive And i know i may seem different it’s been a long time since we talked but i still care about you and you’ll always be my friend even if we never talk again and i know we haven’t spoken but i could a place to crash i’ll be out before 9:30 do you want me to take the trash i’ll see you next year if the weather permits i’ll see you someday if i don’t forget
summer is scary to me but why’d i come here looking for answers? it seems really fucking simple for u to appreciate the things u have and the people that u love i’m gettin kinda bored here maybe it’s the weather a fragile type of warming but I’ll be staying in bed maybe I should try more stop calling in sick i could use some fucking money so i can pay my rent the joint’s not burning right i think it’s rolled too tight just keep on trying light that shit up one more time
sugar smacks 02:44
i feel uncomfortable at home i feel incomplete alone i feel stressed around my friends I just hope that i can talk you again so i’ll walk for miles i really hope i fuckin freeze 2 death i never thought that i’d end up like this i see my father in myself but I can’t blame anyone else i feel the same as i did when i was 15 i haven’t grown much since then it seems so simple to enjoy myself doing things that i supposedly love but i can’t make myself smile i’m tired of feeling bored i want to feel like there’s something more than this how do people wake up at normal times get to work right at 9 keep their shirts tucked in i want to be more
coachella 02:54
i hate the way you look at me you make me feel like i did something wrong i don’t care about the things you do all your problems seem dramatic, i bet your parents never got divorced i bet you never had to worry about if the water runs always had a place that you could call home the fuck are u running from? This old fucking man ordering food from me i know you don’t mean bad, but you still piss me off i don’t care that you don’t like your food, i made it just like how you ordered it you fucking asshole
free earl 03:32
it’s not your fault that you make me feel like i wanna go home don’t hate me for not hanging like i used to i’m just a little fucked up right now and i don’t know why you can come over but i won’t go outside i wish i knew what was wrong with me i got everything i wanted but it’s still not enough did you hear me? did i repeat myself too much i didn’t mean to interrupt, i just get anxious when i don’t talk for too long i know that i talk too much next time i won’t show up i’ll just stay home so keep your distance give me some space i’ll see you next week, if i don’t turn off my phone next year you’re gonna see me smile no cap, that’s all facts, but right now i really need to go home
2 hi 02:50
i drag myself along, can’t pick up my feet it’s hard to process all these people shouting there’s too much noise, i need quiet i need a little space to breathe i know that things will stay the same
i’ve run for miles and i just keep going in circles i talk about myself a lot, but if i don’t who will i’ve been working on myself, but nothings working out i don’t mean to bum you out i’ll just go back home and never leave i’m over dramatic and so pretentious so just let me leave
lockjaw 06:23
i am safe in my bed no one can hurt me here it’s been awhile since i’ve gone outside i can’t blame the weather today, the temp’s 65 and the suns never been so bright i just thought you might know where i could get a drink of water around here i remember when i was 19, so self confident no bills, no worries. now i’m caught in the rat race and falling behind old friends never stick together, but i still miss you so what’s the point of ever going outside i’m tired, but i can’t go i’m tired, but i don’t wanna go home yet, i feel like i just got here it took so much to get me out of bed and even though i didn’t sleep at all, i guess this is better than being alone


recorded/mixed by Abe Anderson
mastered by Corey Coffman
art by Bethünni Schreiner
available via Brace Cove Records and Chatterbot Records
cello on lockjaw by Colleen Dow
horns on lockjaw by Skatune Network


released September 25, 2020

BIG shoutout to Brace Cove, Chatterbot, Bee, Ellie, Alex Martin, Conor Alan, Alexis Politz, Jamie Coletta, Mover Shaker, Gully Boys, Thank You, I'm Sorry, Benny and Aranza, and everyone who's ever cared about this band:)


all rights reserved



niiice. Minneapolis, Minnesota

party punx from Minnesota

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