The Nice EP

by niiice.

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We'd like to first thank each of our families for supporting us through everything.

We'd also like to thank Jalen Russell, Marlowe Teichman, Bethunni Schreiner, Liz Brooks, Stephen Paulson, Maria Taratsas, Jack Kolb-Williams, Hunter Slack, Sarah Abe, Katie Lundquist, Hayley Arnold, Maxwell Murphy, Hannah Lee, Tony Johnson, Kelsey Arrington, Dakota Hall, Caleb Anderson, Anna Schaeffer, Jeyca Maldonado-Medina, Kendra McCarthy, Desney Cody, Abe Anderson, Rachel Hartman, Marshall Taylor, Lexington Noens, Maejoy Dotdot, Hannah McDaniel, Collin Johnson, Alec Williams, Ben Seigworth, David Rapheal, Zach Shereck, McNally Smith, The Garage, The Bedlam Lowertown, The Slack Shack, Daybreak Bookshop, Space Race Punk, Remo Drive, Unturned, Inconsistent, Q-Pup, Day New Mwa, 4th Curtis, Sushi Twin, dododo, Jeffrey Kornfield, Enharmonic, Trevor Devine And The Immaculate Beings, timisarocker, Amestris, Accent, 7 Days In June, Big Mens, Squier, Line 6, and LaCroix. None of this would have happened without you.


released April 20, 2017

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Jalen Russell
Album Art by Rachel Hartman



all rights reserved


niiice. Saint Paul, Minnesota


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Track Name: Yeehaw
We made the call, we asked for help, but no one fucking showed!

I went to bed last night, when I woke up I was hated
I don’t want to go outside anymore
Can’t keep calm with all my people degraded
We opened the door, so we could close it once more

Can you hear my call?
Do you care at all?
Would you break my fall?
Do you care at all?

A love affair with a pig that’s gone way too far
We bathe in the flame, we’re fucking burned at the stake
We’ve been warning our daughters but elected their rapist
I try to yell loud, but he’s been having his way

After the sun goes back to sleep
Is this where I want to be?
A nation full of dead black sheep
Wear the sweater made from me
I am scared

Silence your guns or you’ll get caught in the crossfire
Keep your mouth shut or you’ll get choked by the smoke
You’re falling down and you’re bringing us with you
Show me the punchline is this some fucking joke?
Track Name: When Noah Met Allie
Don’t give me excuses. All the times you walked away from me
It all ends up the same
Bruised and broken. Wounds left open, why can’t I cope with me?
Hang my head in shame

I just wanna be what you want of me
I just wanna breathe
I just wanna be like someone else
Shut the door so you can’t see

Clingy. Annoying.
Obsessed with myself
Depressing. Childish.
I want to be someone else
Paranoid. Toxic.
Place me on a shelf
I wanna be somebody else

I apologize for things I can’t control
I’m sorry I’m this way
IDK myself enough to say
But I don’t think I’m ok
Track Name: Pissed Off & Stoned
Here again, I’m waiting all by myself
I’m drunk as FUCK, and I don’t wanna go outside right now
The only time I’m happy is when I’m in my house with you
Here again, a liar and a tortured soul
I wish we could go back to when we weren’t this torn
So stay with me, and lemmebedaone you’re waiting for

Pissed off and stoned!
Leave me alone!
Take me home!
You’re the only one that understands the shit I’ve known
I’m a freak
But you’re down for me
You set me free
Now I’m blinded by the light and I can’t see!
Track Name: Tonight
Everything you do
Hold onto me tighter
I am right beside her
But I don’t feel anything at all

Every word I say
Can’t fix this, I’m broken
Words left unspoken, feeling hopeless
And empty room at the end of the hall

Where can I hide?
I’m dead inside

Can’t hear the words I’ve said too much
I take a minute to count my dreams
We were young and there was nothing holding us back
Everything was just as it seems
I chose to leave, and you chose to stay
But we can have forever today
IDK if in the morning I’ll be here
But I can give you my all tonight

Everything you fear
Is everything that I’m drawn to
But I don’t wanna feel anymore
I’ve been running and I need to rest

Anything you need
You know I would give to you
But you see right through me, and all my flaws
We lost it all behind a cigarette

She said, “Did you lie? Am I wasting my life? Can you tell me why? Tell me why you were never mine! Look me in the eyes! I just need you to tell me something to calm my mind!”
I couldn’t answer but I knew I had to draw the line
Track Name: Wasted Youth
I remember the times when we would go to the bridge and talk about life
Whatever happened?
Wasted youth on the other side. Who cares about yours, as long as I got mine?

Innocence has left this place
It was never here much anyway
Believe me now? I’m not ok.
This is better than being turned away againnnnnnnn

Wasted time’s catching up with me. Lazy and bored, well at least it’s free.
Whatever happened?